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Many people do not know that Guam is actually a US territory. At one time it belonged to Spain, then Japan; but today it belongs to down home USA. What makes this exotic, tropical island unique is that it is Americanized. Bookings at other tropical Caribbean islands (South of Florida) aren't quite the same experience. Sorry to say but the Caribbean seems somewhat less civilized & less organised; many islands there are corrupt; regular folk live in shanty towns; it's either very rich or very poor- no middle class. The locals survive mainly off the graces of a cruise ship or two.

The difference with Guam is that it maintains financial stability based on two sources of resourceful income- the US military, and over 1 million Asian & Japanese tourists per year; combined they circulate a steady source of revenue & help stabilize the middle class income for the people of Guam. It's good business for everyone.

Maps on your left are to give you some idea globally about where Guam is located; and show you locally where Foxy Club is located. As you can see the maps are detailed & Foxy is located right close to the beach, hotels & shopping.